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All nonprofits need donations.  Why pick Fuzzy Therapy Miniature horses?  Imagine you are at an age where you can no longer take care of yourself so you have to move into an assisted living facility.  Your family is busy living their lives, working on their careers, and raising their families.  You don’t want to interrupt their lives just because you are sad for being alone.  Day in and day out you sit in your wheelchair because you can no longer walk around like you used to. You stare out the window looking for something that interests you.  All of a sudden, a miniature horse clip clops into your room.  The surprise reminds you of the wonder you felt when you were a child at your birthday parties.

  You smile at the idea of a little horse visiting just for you.  You feel the warmth of its fur as you reach out to touch it.  You no longer feel lonely.




Those moments in time are what we strive for at Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses whether the horses are visiting grandmas and grandpas in nursing homes, cheering up children in hospitals or helping families living with special needs.  It is the reason for the smiles the horses bring and our mission.  Please consider a donation today.


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