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Rommy made his rounds to resident's rooms where family members were visiting. They were happily surprised to see him. He brought smiles to them too! They were amazed to see a little horse inside.

Who would have thought you could bring a horse inside to help heal and bring cheer to those in need? Actually, Rommy did! He is the one who wouldn't leave my house the first time I brought him inside. He is the one who brought giggles and smiles when we first went on walks through neighborhoods. He is the one who thought it was perfectly normal to climb into a car. I smile to think how this little horse has changed so many lives so far...and, hopefully, for the better.

Good boy, Rommy!

They love Rommy! The residents at Brookdale Altamonte Springs were so excited to see a little, therapy horse walk into the lobby. Everyone wanted a turn to touch Rommy and he was even followed around the room by a few folks.

Rommy was excited to meet all his new friends too! He was full of kisses and wanted to nuzzle and lick every hand that reached out to him. Unfortunately, he's not supposed to do that for sanitary reasons. Rommy knows this, but tried to sneak a lick here and there. I swear he was watching me out of the corner of his eye waiting for me to look away for a millisecond or two so he could express his love with kisses. Sigh. Rommy just loves everyone!

While Rommy was hard at work, Rascal and Savannah enjoyed the company of my cousins who were visiting

September 16, 2017

I am overwhelmed with joy. The outreach during the past week of people to help Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses' get back on its feet after hurricane Irma reminded me that there are many good people in this world. Smiles were brought to Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc! We can't thank Kate, Marnie, Parker, Megan, Summer, Kyle, Carl, Madison, Heather, West Orange Chamber of Commerce, James, Caleb, Noah, Jacob and Kathy enough for their help. Rommy's visits on Saturday happened because of you and we dedicate them to you!

Rommy was ready to go on Saturday. He looked at the trailer briefly thinking he was going on a long trip again. He actually sighed in relief when I put his vest on instead. Rommy was ready to meet Rascal's friends at Spring Hills Hunters Creek.

Being the ladies man that he is, Rommy charmed his way through the assisted living facility. He was doted on and adored, Rommy was happy to be back doing what he loves.

I have never seen so many smiles, giggles and laughter in any memory care unit we've been to. Rommy was a hit. There's a horse inside! He's a charmer! He is spoiled rotten with love! Ready to gallop down the hall?! Those statements brought cheer while Rommy received his loving pats.

Rommy loves going to Florida Hospital For Children. He immediately knew where he was after he climbed down the ramp out of the truck. While waiting for his shoes to be put on Rommy stood quietly, but still was able to stop traffic in the area. This time Rommy caught the attention of the EMTs in an ambulance. Luckily, they weren't headed out on an emergency!

As soon as his shoes were on Rommy led us directly to the door he's supposed to enter and turned down the hallway to march down to the Disney atrium. Rommy was ready to heal the children from any sickness they were struggling with.

​One thing that still amazes me is how Rommy acts in different locations. In the nursing home he was flirty, he nuzzled hands and gave kisses on cheeks. In the

from far away. Even though they've had horses in the past they never had the opportunity to enjoy horses in the house!

I bring the minis inside my house to teach them there's nothing scary about being inside. It is truly one lesson that is very easy to teach...they refuse to leave the house once they're inside! There is air conditioning, there are carrots in the fridge, and there are people who want to scratch their itches. Why leave?

Good boys, Rommy, Bandit and Rascal!
Good girl, Savannah!

P.S. Resident review, "this is the best animal that has ever come to visit this whole place!"

September 23, 2017

September 4, 2017

Rommy visits Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children with the intention of cheering up children and their families. He didn't realize he would cheer up everyone he met. There were a team of men trimming trees outside the hospital whom Rommy caused to stop working. We are truly sorry for the tree trimming delay, but sometimes everyone needs a selfie and a hug from Rommy.

Inside the hospital Rommy received his "employee" badge which he really, really loved to have. It has been one year that he has been visiting children there and he's proud of bringing joy to them. You see, Rommy stops time. He magically helps people forget their current circumstances and truly just enjoy the moments with him. I wish you all could be there to see these moments.

A friend of Rommy's and Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses', Lenore Spencer of Key Scales Ford, was able to see the magic this wonderful little therapy horse provides. Rommy, Rascal, Savannah, and Bandit are excited to team up with Key Scales Ford! Stay tuned, there are great plans in the works to bring everyone smiles!

There was one little girl who reminded me of me when I was little. The sight of Rommy brought her shouts of joy. She was in a hurry to be released from her stroller so she could touch Rommy's soft fur. Rommy stood as his usual self -- quiet and stoic -- while this little girl explored his mane, face, and body with her tiny hands. She was so sad when it was time for her to go. She ran back to Rommy a few more 

​through the hallways and proudly walked through bedroom doors. He's getting the idea that he too can receive so much love from everyone. I really do think he tries not only to make people smile, but he tries to get a laugh or two from them.

Rascal has discovered that beds are soft. He was getting a bit sleepy during his last visit and often took the opportunity to try to climb into resident's beds. He was so happy when he discovered a bed that was just low enough for him to rest his muzzle. Thank goodness he doesn't snore!

I'm so proud of these little horses who provide so much positive therapy to so many. I'm excited for new adventures bringing more than one horse to more visits in the future! Rommy and Rascal were the highlights of so many lives on Saturday.

Good boys, Rommy and Rascal

Rommy received celebrity treatment on his way into Mayflower Retirement Community on Saturday afternoon. Rommy's biggest fan from security along with volunteers Kathy and Marnie provided umbrella shelter from the rain so Rommy could stay dry. I hope it doesn't go to his head!

Of course, Rommy stayed humble as he quietly stood for his pats upstairs in the retirement community. He took the opportunity to take multiple naps in each resident's room he visited. He snuggled right in and dozed on beds. Rommy thoroughly enjoyed bringing smiles to everyone on a dreary day.

Rommy was told stories from a long ago past. He calmly listened intently while hands of the storytellers rested on his mane. He was even told by one resident that she actually does love him even though she was never a horse person.

The sun began to shine as Rommy made his way back down to the lobby. Rommy worked so hard to learn how to get in the elevator that he made us chuckle when he decided he wanted to stay inside of it instead of entering the lobby. With gentle encouragement we were able to convince Rommy that cookies were in his future if he joined us back in the truck.

Upon arriving to Village on the Green Rommy was greeted by a flock of ducks. They were fascinated with Rommy as they have probably never seen a horse at a retirement community before. Rommy returned the wonder by staring right back at them. No animals were afraid.

Once inside Rommy began his work to brings smiles to a group of residents in the living room. He succeeded for one resident especially because he was ready to keep Rommy.

times to say, "goodbye." It was heartbreaking that she had to leave her Rommy. I wished that she could and hoped that she wouldn't have to see Rommy next month in the hospital.

Good boy, Rommy

p.s. At home, Rascal joined Rommy for a potty break so he didn't miss out on receiving a cookie!

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"I'm almost 91 years old and this was the highlight of my life." Rommy and Rascal are amazing. This weekend we were finally able to bring both horses on one visit! When one horse visits faces light up and eyes sparkle. Imagine when two horses show up!
Rommy and Rascal loaded into the trailer without any issues. They knew there were cookies and hay inside anyway. They munched their snacks while we traveled down the road.

Once inside Health Central Park (Orlando Health) the horses were eager to greet people. At some points it seemed as though they were competing to get more snuggles. Silly horses didn't realize they both were going to receive lots of pats.

Rascal was so happy to have visited that on his way out he jumped for joy in the hallway. I blame me for that because I encouraged him! No one was nearby though.

Rommy walked professionally out the door, but didn't seem too eager to leave. It was ok though since Rommy was able to show his eagerness in the early afternoon when he visited his friends at Inspired Living Ocoee! He even lead me to memory care so he could visit his adoring fans there!

Rommy was able to snooze through the visit because that little baby of a horse, Rascal, wasn't there competing for scratches. He lavished his love upon everyone. He was so happy his love was returned.
Rascal had another chance to show his charm to residents at Ocoee Health Care Center. He pranced

September 30, 2017

September 27, 2017

hospital he stood perfectly still as if he knew he needed to so the children would be safe. I'm always in awe of this little, magical horse.

Thank you to all who helped Rommy provide the healing smiles to the people he was able to visit this weekend!
Good boy, Rommy!

p.s. Rommy stopped at Winter Garden Feed Co. to get some well-deserved treats too!