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From our friends at Bill Frederick Park, Orlando, FL

From our friends at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Orlando, FL

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From our friends at Firm Foundation Preschool

From our friends at Health Central Park Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center

 To whom it may concern; 

Alicia and Rommy have a very special purpose in this life . They were placed here to help children and adults feel the presence of unconditional love. 

My name is Debra Vineyard and I had the pleasure of working with them while volunteering as a pre-school art teacher at Firm Foundation Pre-school. The children I worked with were underprivileged and several we're in a homeless program. I knew that most had never seen a horse before, never mind a miniature horse that shows up with its head peeking out of the back window of the family truck! (If you have the opportunity to greet them as they arrive, you should take advantage of that grin moment.) 

Rommy made the children feel loved. His patience and kind nature brightened up their day each time he visited. The giggles could be heard from everyone as they dressed him up in hats, and finger painted upon him, and fed him grass. I believe none of the children will ever forget their time with Rommy. 

When the many adults in the program interacted with Rommy they became little children as well. They seemed to forget their worries even if it was for just a few minutes. You will see how people's eyes light up when they see Rommy. There is something about this horse with a heart on his hip that will make you think of him days after his visit. 

One thing that I do want to suggest prior to any visit from Rommy would be don't forget your cell phone. You are going to want to take pictures! 

Have fun with Rommy and Alicia, 

Debra Vineyard

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