It was all about the kisses when Rommy visited Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children! Two little patients loved Rommy's soft nose and took turns giving him kisses. I think each one wanted to be the one who gave him the most!

Rommy's soft winter coat was irresistible to snuggles. From Moms and Dads to staff stopping by Rommy provided much needed smiles.

The most important people Rommy cheered up were close to his size...children. Rommy led me into the Disney atrium as he usually does, but this time there were quite a few families waiting for him already! Everyone knows Rommy is coming, but it can take time to climb out of bed and make the effort to get downstairs to see him. Rommy was so happy so many children were able to see him!

Rommy's goal is to give people a moment of joy. The shock of seeing a horse inside and the friendliness of this little horse make for the happiest of moments. It seems like people forget about everything else when Rommy is around.

Good boy, Rommy!

p.s. Did you see Rommy's new vest? Thank you Key Scales Ford for teaming up with Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc. so Rommy and his friends can continue bringing smiles!

This weekend was for the dogs and the horses sure did have fun. Rommy, Rascal, and Savannah were so happy to help Houndhaven Inc.'s Halloween adoption event at Petco.

Miniature horses have a way of stopping traffic...literally. There were cars paused in the parking lot with cell phones sticking out of them and smiles peeking out from behind them. Even the dogs and puppies were amazed at these little animals.

It was all about the fun and educating people about amazing things miniature therapy horses can do. Although we lost count of the smiles that day the judges of the costume and best trick contests were keeping track. Rascal was a hit doing his tiny rearing up trick while wearing his lederhosen and bratwurst sandwich.

Savannah was a beautiful fairy princess unicorn. A Mom informed us that her daughter told her that morning on their way to the event that they were going to see a unicorn that day. Savannah made her wish come true.

Rommy was charming in his "I ate my costume" shirt and candy corn leg warmers. The shirt was a bit too small which showed off his rather large belly. It was

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October 14, 2017

Last Saturday was a special day. Rommy was invited to another Buddy Break for Nathaniel's Hope and was able to visit his friends at Florida Hospital For Children too. He climbed into the truck his usual way, during the trip he munched his hay, and was ready to greet all the children that day. In other words, Rommy was excited to see the children.

Rommy led us through the doorway to the Buddy Break room where the children were playing. The toys were ignored as a real horse suddenly appeared. The delight and fascination in the faces of the children were immediate. Rommy was dressed up in his dress up clothes before I had a chance to blink. The children thoroughly enjoyed Rommy. There were comments from the adults about how Rommy was quickly helping the children with socialization skills by interacting with them. It was beautiful to stand by and see it happen.

In the afternoon Rommy knew where he was supposed to be. As Rommy led us down the hall in Florida Hospital there were double takes followed by, "it's a horse," and then the smiles appeared. He's that good at his job!

Rommy went right to his spot in the Disney atrium and waited for his children to come see him. He was gentle with the children during the visit at Buddy Break, but he was extremely gentle with the children in the hospital. He automatically knows they're fragile and they need him to move slowly.

Every day Rommy shows me just how much he can help people.

October 21, 2017

What's more fun than Halloween? How about celebrating good causes, Halloween, and fuzzy pet friends? What are you doing this Saturday? Head out to Petco in Clermont, FL for all this family fun!!!

Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses will be there!

Rommy, Rascal and Savannah had so much fun at National Night Out! There were new sounds, smells, and sights the little ones hadn't seen much of before. Rascal and Savannah were fascinated with the balloons, the music, the lights and especially the small humans close to their size.

Savannah reached out to little hands to nuzzle them with her lips while Rascal nudged her out of the way to get his turn. Yes, they do act what they are...half brother and sister. Rommy stood quietly near them holding his professional therapy stand still pose while children touched his furry winter coat.

Rascal and Savannah couldn't get enough of McGruff. They loved his hairy paw and were eagerly trying to find out what he was. This crime fighting dog didn't mind their curiosity at all!

Again this year a balloon popped nearby. While I jumped in surprise the horses looked at the source of the loud noise inquisitively without moving even a muscle. I guess I'm the one who needs desensitization training!
It's always fun sharing the horses with the community. It's an honor to be invited back each year alongside the police and firefighter departments sharing the very important jobs they do. We enjoy teaching others about what our miniature therapy horses do too!

Good baby, Savannah!
Good boys, Rommy and Rascal!
Thank you, McGruff, Winter Garden Fire Department and Winter Garden Police Department!

October 3, 2017

October 14, 2017

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October 11, 2017

​​​​​Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc.

Good boy, Rommy!

p.s. Rascal has been not feeling well lately. He's on medicine to help him overcome Bronchitis. Please keep him in your thoughts on his road to recovery.

the perfect outfit for him. He munched hay and greeted his visitors while chewing.

The horses truly enjoyed the day and really liked meeting dogs of all sizes!

Good girl, Savannah!
Good boys, Rascal and Rommy!