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Rascal made his debut at the outside event of Summerport Village Pet•a•Palooza Food Truck Night!  He was a little rascal at first by tossing his head and trotting around me.  He quickly settled down once he saw all the dogs there.  Rascal loves dogs.  He loves to chase them and nip at their heels.  

Although Rascal does love playing with dogs he knew he was working and behaved himself.  He greeted humans and canines alike from his play yard.  The play yard worked out great to allow people to visit Rascal one or two at a time.  I didn't want to overwhelm him with a lot of people at once initially.

I was curious to see how he'd act in the pet parade.  We purposely were the last ones in the parade just in case he acted up.  He didn't!  He walked quietly with the rest of the "dogs."  He actually seemed to enjoy himself watching the people watching him.  

At the end of the parade Rascal's newest human friends came over to pet him in waves.  I was so proud of him, he even stood still for a photo with a puppy on his back!

When I looked at my watch I was astonished to see that Rascal lasted the entire hour!  He enjoyed the crowds and loved the dogs.  You'll be seeing Rascal at more events in the future!

November 26, 2016

​Extra!  Extra!  Have you read all about it!

Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc. became bigger this weekend when a great group of new volunteers met to learn what we do.  We're excited to share the training, horse care and visits with the volunteers!  Bandit is going to get a great deal more attention now and will continue his training too.  Stay tuned, there's going to be lots of news as we grow and lots of new smiles to share!

Good boys Rommy, Rascal, and Bandit!

November 5, 2016

October 15, 2016

We are hoping to have both Rommy and Rascal start visiting together in the new year.

Good boy, Rascal!

P.S.  Rascal is still a baby, he slept the entire way home! <3

November 9-12, 2016

There's nothing as much fun as sharing a bit of Thanksgiving with others!  Rommy dressed up in his Pilgrim hat and his Native American feathers to share how much he appreciates being thankful.  Rommy is thankful for apples, carrots, horse cookies, sugar, grain, hay, and scratches and pets from everyone!

Rommy did double duty on Saturday by visiting all his friends at both Health Central Park and Inspired Living​ at Windermere.  Rommy has continued his new tradition of falling asleep on the job.  He is so relaxed during his visits nowadays I believe he looks forward to each with eager anticipation.  He no longer naps in the pasture, he waits until he's pampered by AC and massages.

Another busy week for the minis of Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc.!  Rommy loved the attention he received at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children​.  I think Rommy thinks he's the one who is the recipient of soothing.  One young teenager stroked his face gently while Rommy quietly stared at him.  This was a beautiful quiet moment in time where both horse and human connected emotionally.  

Rommy also met a group of doting nursing students.  They are going to make great nurses!  Rommy thinks so too since they were so nice to him.

Rommy met a boy who wasn't quite sure if Rommy was going to hurt him.  After a few moments watching his friend pet Rommy he tentatively reached out and touched him with his fingertips.  Once he realized how soft Rommy is he overcame his fear and petted Rommy too.

Rascal, oh Rascal.  He was a brave little guy going to the dentist for the first time.  Horses' teeth grow and as they grow the edges can become sharp.  This is why veterinarians float horses' teeth which means they use files to smooth the sharp edges.  Horses are sedated for this process because they don't typically open their mouths and say, "ah."  Although not typically painful floating puts horses in awkward positions.  Little Rascal was exhausted afterwards and slept (while drooling) the entire way home.

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September 14, 2016

I think Rascal has chosen the sport he wants to play when he grows up...baseball!  Rascal grabbed his baseball bat on Saturday and headed out to the field to meet a lot of kids of all ages thanks to @First Impressions of Central Florida, LLC.​ and #FelipeLopezBaseballCamp (especially Angela Lopez) for inviting us.  

Rascal enjoyed showing off his tricks of jumping up to reach treats above his head and laying on laps.  He stood quietly for the National Anthem and all the clapping.  Those are some sounds he hasn't experienced much and they didn't bother him at all.  I'm so proud of this baby boy!

After longingly (Rascal wanted to go play with them) watching the kids learning on the baseball field Rascal had to make one stop on his way home.  He surprised everyone when he waltzed down his ramp out of the truck at Bekemeyer Family Farm​.  He inspected the lovely assortment of vegetables from afar, of course, and tasted the very green grass on their property.  

The Girl Scouts were volunteering at Bekemeyer that day and boy did they get a treat when they saw one of the smallest horses they had ever seen.  Rascal loved being surrounded and petted by the girls.

Rascal galloped to his buddies in the pasture when we arrived home.  I'm sure he was telling them all about his fun morning meeting so many great people!

Rommy is currently supporting the fuzzy of Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc.  His fur is so long!  It took two hair dryers and lots of towels to get him dry for his first visit to Florida Hospital For Children​ on Saturday afternoon.

Rommy walked into Florida Hospital as if he had been there hundreds of times before.  He was immediately greeted by a little patient there who truly wasn't feeling well.  From the time she petted Rommy to the time we handed her a photo of Rommy to keep she was smiling.

Rommy was a hit with nurses and doctors while visiting Florida Hospital.  Everyone needs a little fuzzy therapy every once in a while.

One of the little patients became Rommy's biggest fan and even volunteered for Rommy!  She handed out photos to the other patients when they were done visiting with Rommy.

I almost forgot to mention that Rommy believes he likes sandwiches!  I caught a photo of him trying to sneak a bite of Megan's sandwich in the truck before we left.  He was so coy about it too.  

Rommy met some new friends who were timid at first, but like everyone who meets Rommy became instant friends with him once they realized how soft and gentle he is.  There were also requests to ride Rommy.  Although we joked about having races down the hall Rommy wasn't ridden.  He's a petting horse anyway!

I still can't believe after almost two years how much Rommy loves his job.  He found his calling in life and I'm so thankful I can help him do what he loves to do.  We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  For all our friends in different countries we're thankful for you too!

Good boy, Rommy

He reached around the seat, snuggled Megan for a little bit, and then slowly reached his lips out to try to get that sandwich.

It was a great Saturday and a beautiful day for the little horses of Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc. to bring so many smiles.

Good boys, Rommy and Rascal!

P.S.  Bandit is still working on his smile bringing.  Stay tuned for more Bandit posts!

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November 20, 2016