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I have been demoted. When Rommy visited Hunters Creek Nursing And Rehab Center and Spring Hills Hunters Creek last Saturday he took over. I followed him around while he visited the residents. He nuzzled hands, rested his muzzle on laps, and seemed to have conversations of his own with each person. Rommy showed off his charm by being the ladies' man he truly is. There were so many smiles I lost count.

Rommy was told stories of growing up on farms with cows, pigs, and even horses. His mane was stroked while he quietly listened to each story.

In one common room Rommy was followed by one of his biggest fans. As he greeted each resident she would appear next to Rommy too. He loved her adoration and acknowledged her presence each time with a touch of his nose on her arm.

There was another woman who immediately reached out to touch Rommy's forelock as he stepped up to greet her. There was a gasp of surprise from the staff

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November 24, 2017

November 14, 2017

Rommy heard somewhere that Thanksgiving is not only for giving thanks, but there's lots of food to eat to celebrate. At least, that is what Rommy continously searched for on Saturday when he visited his friends at Health Central Park Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center and Inspired Living Ocoee. Apparently, Rommy's stomach never fills up.

Rommy offered snuggles and kisses, but he also snuck in sniffs to see who might have a snack or two. When he couldn't find any delicious treats Rommy decided it was time to go outside. He signaled me a few times saying that he needed to go. I willingly brought him outside so he could take his potty break.
Rommy the ever thinking miniature therapy horse thought he could sneak a few bites of grass while outside. When he realized he wasn't getting a treat for just walking outside he marched right back in and began his snuggle search again.

No one is perfect at their job every day, everyone has an off day. With so many days, months and years of perfect behavior Rommy received forgiveness from me for his antics on Saturday. I am so thankful for his willingness to visit people to bring them priceless moments of joy.

I am also thankful for you. You have followed our journey for the past few years and have enjoyed Rommy's learning and sharing. Thank you.

Good boy, Rommy

p.s. Rommy, of course, received his treats right before heading home.

November 25, 2017

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Rommy says, "Please send more cookies!"  Rommy believes that the credit union is where cookies come from.  He had fun today bringing smiles to everyone there AND he got cookies.  Please consider a donation today so Rommy can save his cookies!

p.s. Rommy loves cookies almost as much as bringing smiles!

November 4, 2017

Rascal update! Rascal's tracheal wash test results showed that he had grown FOUR types of bacteria in his lungs. Although the poor, little guy hasn't been feeling well he has not lost his appetite nor his love of horse cookies. In fact, he asked me to ask you to send lots of horse cookies his way! In the meantime, he will be getting a few more shots of antibiotics to help him heal from the bacteria. Rascal is on the road to recovery and the rest of us will catch up on sleep.

Good baby Rascal! We love you!

It has been a week full of ups and downs. Rommy joined Marnie, Kathy, Lisa, and Janan on three visits Saturday! They visited friends at Health Central Park and Inspired Living Ocoee. They even met new friends at The Sheridan at Windermere. They all had a wonderful time doing a great job without me there.

Ace, Marnie's first therapy horse, had a bath and moved into his home in the barn. All the horses loved meeting him! He is such a sweet yearling and has so much potential to become a great therapy horse.

Poor little Rascal still isn't feeling well. I even brought him inside to breathe in shower steam in the bathroom. That helped, but not for long as he had to go back to the vet for more tests yesterday. We're hoping the tracheal wash the vet did shows definitive results. It's so heartbreaking seeing him struggle to breathe. Rascal is a brave, little horse. We will find a way to make him feel better.

There are still smiles to bring to people and Rommy has many more therapy visits scheduled to do just that. Stay tuned, Rommy, Rascal, Savannah, Bandit, and, now, Ace have many more happy adventures to bring you smiles too!

Good boys, Rommy, Rascal, Bandit, and Ace
Good girl, Savannah

​as she had never touched any of the animals that had been brought in before.

Rommy reminded me of the joy he brings people when he wandered into one gentleman's room. Rommy brought out such a wonderful belly laugh from this gentleman that I couldn't help but laugh too. Just seeing a little horse wander into a bedroom while wearing little shoes is something to smile about.
If this is the way it's going to be from now on then I am ecstatic to have been demoted. You're the best, Rommy!

Good boy, Rommy

p.s. I tell people Rommy, formally known as Romulus, conquers hearts instead of lands. One woman claimed that indeed Rommy had conquered her heart that day.

November 11, 2017