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When Rommy visited Florida Hospital For Children​ this weekend there was so much excitement.  The kids, as well as the adults, were so happy to see him!

Rommy stood quietly in the Walt Disney Atrium snoozing to the calming sound of insects on the savanna.  It's a Lion King themed atrium in case you haven't seen it. 

Something good seemed to be in the air in that savanna as there were children feeling well enough to run around playing while others giggled when they touched Rommy's nose.  Rommy has learned well, he keeps his mouth closed when little fingers explore his muzzle.  He doesn't move his lips nor try to lick those little fingers.

Rommy truly loves his career.  From selfies to family photos Rommy posed in his classic sleepy position.  He did not move for the hour we were there except to switch which back foot he was resting.  His calm manner really soothes children, especially those who are hesitant to touch him.  It's very rare that someone won't end up petting Rommy.

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When it started raining we all hustled towards the gym where it was dry and comfortable enough for Rommy to take a nap.  Everyone had a chance to pet Rommy even those who were a bit timid.  One group of girls really did a great job on braiding Rommy's mane and tail.  He snoozed through the whole thing!

Rommy, when he awoke from his catnap, wanted to give kisses to everyone.  He nuzzled cheeks and foreheads, receiving giggles from his tickles.  Rommy's enjoyment shone through his eyes while the children had big smiles on their faces.

The children were so polite and Rommy had a lot of fun playing with them.  Rommy did his job yesterday...there were smiles everywhere!

Good boy, Rommy

After a well-deserved week of vacation Rommy was ready to visit his close friends at Health Central Park and Inspired Living​.  He eagerly marched towards the nursing home with his New Year's gear sparkling in the sunshine.  Thanks to Kevin and Ann, Rommy looked great for his New Year's Eve visit.  

Rommy was on a mission.  His mission was to nap while resting his chin on knees and wheelchairs.  Everyone was so happy to see Rommy again and he received a lot of thank you's for what he does from the residents!

During his break Rommy surprised two friendly paramedics who were outside the nursing home.  Of course, Rommy stopped to greet them too!

Rommy received a bag of apples as a gift from everyone at Health Central Park and thoroughly enjoyed an entire apple after his visit there.  Rommy has never had the opportunity to eat a whole apple by himself so he was overjoyed.  He licked my hand and my arm to thank me for my generosity!

Rommy wasn't finished yet.  In the afternoon he saw his friends at Inspired Living.  He stood quietly while a woman without sight found his nose and ears with her hands.  She felt how long his mane is and enjoyed hearing about the description of Rommy.  

January 11, 2017

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Rommy also met a dog he wanted to follow down the hall.  Although he wasn't allowed to chase the dog, Rommy did get to walk down the hall to see more of his friends having a New Year's party.  He stood for many photos, listened to music, and didn't spook from noisemakers!  

Rommy was a lucky little horse yesterday because he received another gift for his hard work.  Rommy's Inspired Living friends gave him carrots to munch on the way home!

After all the celebrations Rommy's New Year's resolution must be to be more fit!  Happy New Year everyone!

Good boy, Rommy!

January 14, 2017

Saying goodbye isn't easy for humans, but I learned yesterday it isn't easy for horses either.  Rommy was invited to comfort one of his favorite humans.  She was weak, but had the strength to pet Rommy for the last time.  Rommy behaved differently in those moments.  He rested his nose on her blanket as he usually does, but he also did not want to move from her side.  

She asked me if Rommy would remember.  I told her that he definitely would.  She managed a small smile as she stroked Rommy's nose.

When we finally had to go Rommy refused to leave the front of the nursing home to cross the parking lot to get in the truck.  He truly was longing for his friend.  We all will miss Rommy's friend.  She was our friend too.

Good boy, dear Rommy

January 4, 2017

January 1, 2017

Rommy will continue to reach out to those in need throughout the new year.  Reach out to someone too, it feels good to give!

Good boy, Rommy

Rommy met so many new friends yesterday!  It was his first time visiting the children at Edgewood Children'S Ranch​ and he had a great time.

Rommy brought his suitcase filled with dress up clothes so the kids could dress him any way their imaginations desired.  The younger children eagerly dug through the suitcase to find the exact item they wanted to put on Rommy while the teenagers hesitated.  The teens didn't wait too long though.  They found their inner child quickly and enjoyed laughing at how silly Rommy looked in his chicken hat, blonde wig, and green cowboy hat!

January 7, 2017

Rommy practically trotted into Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children​ yesterday.  As soon as we put his shoes on Rommy was ready to go see his little friends.  He marched through the halls not wanting to stop for anything, he was on a mission.  Once he reached the Disney Atrium he stopped, rested his leg and yawned.  Rommy was ready.

Rommy received the love he adores yesterday.  He was doted on by little children, big children and even physicians!  He took it all in stride as his head lowered and lowered in relaxation.  I'm starting to think Rommy considers his visits as spa days. 

A little horse that gets to be inside where the temperature is always balmy, the pats are in abundance and the effort to exercise is not requested is a little horse that loves his job.  Rommy loves people and that is the true reason he loves what he does.

As a reward every time we arrive at the end of our driveway I open Rommy's window so he can feel the wind in his mane.  I think his herd mates are a little jealous because they always come up to the fence to inquire about why Rommy is in the truck and why his breath smells like treats!

Good boy, Rommy