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Rascal's small size (29" tall) caused him to be instantly loved at Florida Hospital for Children. It was Rascal's first therapy visit to a hospital. He charmed his way into the arms of everyone he met.
When Rascal stepped out of the truck he wondered and wandered. Rascal's curious nature took over and he marched right up to the hospital doors ready to explore inside. I never noticed the different patterns in the flooring until Rascal stopped to look at them. As soon as he saw my foot on a new pattern he knew he was safe to step forward.
Although he stood quietly for children and staff to pet him he was eager to experience the lights and sounds of the Lion King safari in the Disney atrium. He wanted to see what they were all about. Since he's only two years old I let him explore in-between visitors, he's just a kid too.
Rascal really had fun meeting everyone and exploring new places. He even snuck kisses to the nursing students when I wasn't looking! He's such a little Rascal and a charmer!
Good baby Rascal

When Rommy led me into Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children last week I thought he just wanted to get inside so he could take his nap. Not so. Rommy did walk right up to his spot next to Dumbo and began to let his head drop in exhaustion. He fooled me though when a child in a wheelchair stopped in front of him. Rommy lifted his head and took the few steps, without me asking him to, he needed to reach the child's hand with his nose.

He nuzzled her blanket and let her touch his face and forelock. Rommy knows his job and he loves it.
There were children who seemed more interested in playing in the castle, but still had time to pat Rommy a few times. He didn't mind, he enjoyed the little hands on his mane even if it was for brief moments.

Although Rommy would have loved to cheer up more children it was a good thing there weren't that many children in the hospital. Rommy was able to bring smiles to the staff while he was there though. I think his hearts melted their hearts.

Good boy, Rommy

Rommy agreed with the resident who set him free from his lead rope at Spring Hills Hunters Creek yesterday. BUT, he didn't feel the need to run away. He was content to stand near her while she touched his face.

Everyone was so excited to see Rommy that he was immediately greeted as soon as he walked through the door and into the lobby. He spent time with each resident and moved on to the next person when he felt it was time to. Once again, I was led along the way behind the boss.

Rommy napped in the living area while a group of grandmas doted on his handsomeness. He was dubbed a good looking gentleman who has a healthy appetite. They noticed his round shape. Rommy does enjoy eating, but is constantly working on reducing the size of his belly. Who am I kidding, he wants to increase his belly size while I hope to reduce it.

Rommy had a truly wonderful time in memory care. He snuggled with residents who wanted him near and stood quietly just far enough away for those residents who just wanted to look at him.

An amazing moment happened in memory care, one resident looked at Rommy and said, "our horse is back." She smiled and continued on about how she thought he should live there. Once I told her that Rommy wasn't very good at cleaning his own room, she giggled and said that maybe he shouldn't live there. After she thanked us for coming Rommy moved on. She called out to the next resident, "that's our horse who's here!"
I guess I received Rommy's therapeutic care yesterday for I was smiling all the way home thinking of how Rommy is everyone's horse.

Good boy, Rommy

February, 2018

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Rommy had such a busy weekend! From hoedowns to head pats Rommy was there for it all. On Friday evening Rommy dressed in his best cowboy hat and headed to the thank you event for Nathaniel's Hope Buddy Break volunteers. As he stood for his photos Rommy realized he was a special surprise for the families that night. He was even included in the scavenger hunt!
Saturday morning I thought Rommy would be a bit tired to head out for more visits. Once again I was wrong. Rommy pulled me across the parking lot to quickly get to his friends at Health Central Park Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. It was an extra special day because he stood quietly next to the bed of one of his friends as she proudly told us she made it to another birthday last week.
Rommy did find time to snooze on beautiful blankets. He doesn't normally like to stay in resident's rooms for long periods of time, but on Saturday he was happy to rest his head and nap while he was doted upon.
One of Rommy's newest friends was so excited to see him she picked up her phone to call her daughter to let her know Rommy was there. This wonderful lady has claimed Rommy as her own which is fine with Rommy. He's everyone's horse!
Rascal charmed his way into Inspired Living Ocoee Saturday afternoon. He saw one of his friends outside the building and had to say, "hi." Rascal knows this gentleman used to own horses and knows just how to greet him.
Rascal pranced into the lobby as if he did that every day. He knew he would melt the hearts of everyone inside. After charming the ladies and hearing a thank you for bringing him from the gentle man who was a veteran Rascal headed over to memory care.
Rascal still gets a little wiggly when asked to stand too long according to him. As a two year old it's hard to stay put. He stood for pats, but realized he would get more reactions if he showed off. Rascal won the room over when he stood in the middle and displayed his rearing skills. There were smiles, giggles, full-blown laughter, and even clapping.
When Rascal had walked into the room the residents were sitting quietly. When Rascal left the room the residents were chatting and smiling. Rascal lights up a room and truly is a little showman.
Good boys, Rommy and Rascal