Overall, it was a great night, the holiday lights were twinkling, the people were merry, and there was love spread by the kisses of a "reindeer."  Rommy, Rascal, Bandit (and Moe too) all wish you the best holiday season and hope all your nights are good!

Good boy, Rommy

Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc. made the news in the local newspaper!  Check out the article at the Orange Observer by clicking the link below!


Rommy did perform his best trick while visiting Crooked Can Brewing Company​ at Plant St. Market​...he fell asleep.  He was doted on, petted and hugged so many times he just settled in and relaxed.  He didn't flinch at the flashing bouncy balls and he even posed for his flash photo ops!

If you haven't had a chance to download the Change Giving App please do!  Spare change can change the world!  Rommy is all for it and Rascal is almost ready for indoor visits.  Can you imagine how many people you could help with your pennies?  Rommy, Rascal, and Bandit are cheering you on!

Good boys, Rommy and Rascal (Bandit and Moe too!)Type your paragraph here.

Rascal had so much fun he tired himself out!  He slept the whole way home.  In-between visits Marnie took the opportunity to train Bandit.  It seems Moe wants to be a therapy horse too!  He even offered to step up on the mounting block for treats!

Our superstar, Rommy, almost didn't make it to Change Giving App​'s launch party.  It wasn't that he wasn't going to go, it was he was stopped by eager visitors on the sidewalk as we headed towards a very fun event.  Rommy was a trooper the whole time we were there which was even after dark.  I'm not sure who had to the most fun though...the kids, the adults, or Rommy.

December 4, 2016

​Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!

Reindeer Kisses and Holiday Wishes!  Rommy had so much fun kissing all the people in Winter Garden last night.  A huge thank you to Change Giving App​ and Collective Kindness​ for supporting Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc.​!  Also a big shout out to Crooked Can Brewing Company​ and Plant St. Market​ for giving Rommy a place to share his kisses.

If you haven't downloaded the Change Giving App please go check it out.  It's an easy way to support your favorite charities with only pennies!  Of course, Rommy, Rascal, and Bandit hope it's Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc. that you choose.

If you haven't stopped by Collective Kindness and smelled all the wonderful candle scents then you haven't truly lived.  It's the only place I know that you can bring your candle containers back for a refill!  Check it out if you're in town.

Rommy practiced his kissing all week to be ready!  He went a little overboard with Parker during his last practice by licking Parker's entire face.  It's ok though, they both seemed to giggle after the fact.

Rommy the reindeer was such a good boy hanging out in his booth and reaching out for kisses.  His favorite people to kiss were the kids.  At one point he needed a drink of water to wet his lips after puckering up so much.  And he insisted on peppermint treats in order to have fresh breath.

There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing a smile shine someone's entire face.  Wow, yesterday was full of smiles!  Rommy, Rascal, Bandit and a cameo by Moe were all that was needed.

In the morning a group of Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc. volunteers came over for therapy horse training.  They did a great job and had their first visit experience.  It brought the smile to my face when they said that they realized why I have the horses visit with people.  The wonderful family who came to visit enjoyed not only the little horses, but had to have a visit from Moe when he insisted on being included...he whinnied from the barn.

Bandit is the superstar of this weekend!  He truly enjoyed each family member.   He was his typical Prince Charming self when he reached his nose out for multiple kisses!

Rascal just had to go to downtown Winter Garden to find Charlie Brown and have his photo taken with him.  The photo spot was directly across the street from the parking garage where we parked, but it took us quite a while to get there.  Rascal, in his Santa hat, was simply irresistible to everyone he met.  The jingle bells he wore on his ankles made it so we couldn't sneak around.  He was hugged, kissed, patted and photographed continuously!

The photography didn't stop there.  We had to go get a photo with Santa at PetSmart​.  Rascal

December 14, 2016

Rommy with his hands. Rommy knew that too. Moments like this make me love this little horse even more.

You're the best Rommy

December 16, 2016

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Busy busy day yesterday!  Rascal was a star vegetable and fruit taster at Bekemeyer Family Farm​'s Strawberry Grand Opening.  He recommends the green beans, strawberries, and of course the carrots.  He was a little excited at first because there were so many new things to see, taste, and smell, but he settled down and enjoyed all the attention he received.  

Rascal was fascinated with all the different kinds of vegetables they offer at BFF.  They have kohlrabi, kale, heirloom tomatoes, honey, jam, and delicious boiled peanuts!  Ok, the boiled peanuts part was my recommendation since Rascal can't eat peanuts.

dozing while working which no one ever thinks is wrong.  In fact, I think everyone tries to pet him to successfully get him to take a little nap!

Rommy had a brief moment of fame when WESH 2 News​ took a short video of him being hugged by three children.  The children didn't stop hugging Rommy when the camera turned off so it wasn't a planned stunt.  Rommy also had a lot to say because he kept reaching for the microphone!  Horses never lie and he was offering news straight from the horse's mouth!

Great boys, Rommy, Rascal, Bandit (and Moe too!)

December 1, 2016

December 17 2016

 stood patiently in line eagerly watching all the other dogs waiting too.  He touched the hearts of the family in line in front of us so much that they included him in their family holiday photo!

Rommy, Rommy, Rommy...he is simply magnificent.  He warmed the hearts of so many children of all ages at Nathaniel's Hope​ Toy Shop yesterday afternoon.  The hallway where he began greeting children was a little too narrow for his rotund self so we decided to meet families just outside.

Rommy once again stood quietly for each hand petting him.  He continued his new tradition of 

​​​​​Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc.

December 10, 2016

There was a little girl who had recently had surgery the first time we visited Florida Hospital For Children​.  She was still there when Rommy visited again yesterday.  Although weak she felt well enough to pet Rommy more this time.  They pushed her wheelchair up to Rommy so she could reach him.  Rommy immediately and gently rested his nose on her lap.  She looked him in the eye as she stroked his nose and said in a tiny voice, "Hi Rommy, I love you."

I was going to write more about all the wonderful families and children who met Rommy yesterday, but the moment above says it all.  Knowing the love Rommy brings to so many people makes me feel good.  I've discovered there is no truer happiness than giving so please take a moment to give to someone this holiday season.

Good boy, Rommy

P.S. Rommy received a haircut when we arrived home.  Sorry, Bonnie and Marnie, but I had to...he took forever to dry from his baths!

Rommy was just too busy interacting with the children that pictures just didn't really happen. Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has welcomed Rommy in to cheer up children for four months now and it feels like coming home every time we get there. Everyone is always so happy to see Rommy and this time he was sporting his elf hat and jingle bells which made it even more enjoyable.
There was one little boy who wanted Rommy to walk around the Disney atrium just so he could hear the bells jingle. Rommy had no problem agreeing to do so even though I had to wake him up.
There was a shy little girl who hid by her Mom, but watched Rommy with yearning eyes. She stood there for a few moments until her Mom stepped with her toward Rommy. Her sudden smile when she felt Rommy's soft fur is the best gift I could receive this holiday season.
Another little boy was pulling Rommy's mane and forelock, tugging on his halter, and putting his fingers in Rommy's mouth. Rommy didn't move, he quietly stared into the eyes of the little boy. The boy wasn't rough, he was just learning about