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August 5, 2017

​Rommy even accepted his racehorse name of Rocky. There was a gentleman who considered Rommy/Rocky a true derby winner. We completely agree with him!

When it was time to go Rommy didn't want to leave. Even though he's not a fan of clapping he stood knowing how happy he had made the campers. The thank you's we received meant so much, they truly came from hearts filled with joy.

Good boy, Rommy

Sometimes Rommy visits children who are already smiling. The children at this birthday party of a two year old were fascinated with him. Some children touched him with one finger while others patted his nose with their whole hand.

As with most two year olds their attention towards Rommy didn't last consistently. We were at a playground where other things were available to explore. What surprised me was that each child wandered back to discover Rommy again and again.

Rommy was well behaved and stood quietly while all the activity went on around him. His only issue was that there was a table about four feet away from him that held cupcakes and platters of fruit. Rommy didn't charge over to take a taste, but he did try to see how far his neck could stretch to try to reach the goodies. He tried to do this subtly which made it more obvious and funny.

August 13, 2017

August 26, 2017

August 9, 2017

Rommy loves food. He lives for food. I even tell everyone that Rommy is really a pig inside a horse costume! When Rommy had the choice between the lush grass outside Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and going inside to visit the children I thought Rommy would choose the grass. Nope. Rommy immediately chose to lead Sarah directly to the doors he's entered before.

It was at the end of our visit when Rommy asked to be taken outside for a potty break. We willingly led him to the area where he took care of his business. Sarah offered him some grass while I was getting the truck ready for him to load. I wondered why they weren't already coming over to the truck when I noticed Rommy leading Sarah back towards the hospital.

Rommy's visit to cheer up the children began with a new adventure. Rommy was invited to see the children in the Emergency Department. Even though there weren't many children there at the time (which is always a good thing) Rommy was able to bring smiles to the staff who were just as excited to see him as the children had been.

Rommy was curious to wander down the halls. He knew there were more children somewhere and he knew he'd find them. Rommy stopped to meet an always friendly unicorn on his way back to the Disney atrium. Rommy's only question to the unicorn was why he didn't nuzzle him back.

When Rommy rediscovered Dumbo he knew he had arrived at the place he believed he was supposed to be. Rommy quickly rested his leg, lowered his head and proceeded to nod off. The children were on their way and he knew he had to be quiet around his delicate friends.

Rommy made sure he gave each child his attention. He wanted all faces to hold smiles. He really connected with a young man in a wheelchair. They stared into each other's eyes and quietly whispered secrets. No wonder Rommy wanted to come back inside when it was actually time to go home. Rommy and I both wish we could have stayed longer.

Good boy, Rommy

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Rommy was a surprise to the birthday boy and his mom. Rommy was not only a magical unicorn that day, he was a teacher. Party goers were able to learn what miniature therapy horses do and why they were ever bred to begin with.

It was a Sunday fun day for Rommy and his new birthday party friends. By the way, Rommy received a few pieces of cantaloupe before he went home!

Good boy, Rommy

Rommy was so happy to bring smiles again! His second visit to Quest Camp Thunderbird was a wonderfully emotional one.

Rommy was a surprise for the campers. When he walked into the room there were smiling faces, there were whoops and cheers and there were even shouts of joy. Rommy was an instant hit.

Standing quietly while he waited for each camper to take their turn interacting with him, Rommy was happy to be there and it was easy to see. He received big hugs around his neck from so many. He received pats from timid hands. He was touched by eager hands fascinated with exploring him. Rommy enjoyed every moment.

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Rommy charmed everyone, he even took the time to play with the grandchildren bouncing around the lobby. There was a little boy who loved to run up and touch Rommy's nose. Rommy played a game of trying to nuzzle the boy's tummy while his own nose was being touched. Giggles were everywhere!

Remember that apple that didn't quite make it to the teacher's desk? Well, Rommy received an entire green apple for his great job on Saturday!

Good boys, Rommy and Rascal!

Rascal and Rommy were all dressed for their first day of school on Saturday. They had their lunch, their school book and a baseball cap to top it off. The story we told the residents though was that of the apple that didn't quite make it to the teacher.

Rascal practically, no wait, he did trot towards the front doors of Health Central Park. He paused at the yellow curb, but he didn't let it slow him down for he hopped right over it. Once inside he pranced his way down the hallway, Rascal was excited to visit.

Rascal surprised me. He walked right up to a resident sitting in a chair and nuzzled his hand. I was thinking I would have to lead him up to people, I didn't have to. Rascal visited with each person as if he was visiting long time friends. He snuggled when asked to snuggle, he nuzzled when asked to nuzzle.

Rascal even tried to get into a resident's bed! Seriously, he did try! Rascal's new friend was patting his face which he adored. Her bed was about the right height for Rascal to lean on which he thought was perfect to lay down on and snuggle. Rascal made everyone laugh at his antics.

While visiting another friend Rascal fell asleep while she was stroking his forehead. I don't think I can exactly express how amazed and proud I am of this little horse.

Rommy is such a professional therapy horse I sometimes take his good behavior for granted. As I watched him meet with residents at Inspired Living Ocoee I was reminded of how wonderful he is. He quietly interacts with each person. It's as if he's having his own conversations with that person and there is no one else around except the two of them.