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So this happened...

I went to Savannah, GA to spend an early birthday weekend 
with my daughter and friends.  My friend, Kate, told me she had Rascal's half-sister at her barn.  Of course, there was no question as to whether I would see her.  Heart won over brain and I immediately fell in love with the tiny filly.

I ignored my logical side and told Kate I'd buy her.  By lunch the purchase was confirmed.

Since we didn't know her name we decided to call her Savannah.  How wonderful to take a little Savannah home with me!  The city is beautiful, kind and has quite a spirit.  This filly is the same way!

When we drove home she whinnied a few times, but then would snuggle her nose against my shoulder.  She's a snuggle!

The boys love her!  I'm keeping her separated until everyone gets to know each other, but they can see each other through the fence.  Rascal loves his sister and talks to her endlessly.

Moe refuses to let the others get near her.  Rommy tells Rascal to stay away.  And Bandit, well he stares at her in disbelief!

Savannah is a tiny filly (I haven't measured her yet) with a smoky, black grulla (greyish) color.  Her birthday is on April 20th so we will have a chance to celebrate her first birthday!  On her birthday list are a therapy vest to match her brother's, a halter to wear on visits, and all sorts of brushes to keep her clean and shiny.  If anyone wants to give Savannah a birthday present please send us a message!

​Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!

Rommy found more grandmas and grandpas to visit on Saturday at Village on the Green​!

As with all new places we visit I am always a bit cautious about how Rommy will react.  I really should get over my worries because Rommy was perfect.  Although the automatic doors were a new type that Rommy hadn't seen before he walked through as if he had been there many times.

Rommy was so relaxed inside he performed his favorite trick, sleep.  As soon as people started petting him he rested his back leg and snoozed.  He really thinks these visits are all for him!

Rommy visited in resident's rooms, walked on carpet and tile, squeezed his rotund little body through tight spaces and genuinely had a wonderful time being doted on.  It's always fun to

April 1, 2017

April 15, 2017

April 10, 2017

see the reactions of those who see Rommy inside for the first time.  Any chance they got, the staff found Rommy and hugged him.  Some had never touched a horse before.

All the residents were astonished to see Rommy.  Some watched him from afar while others patted him continuously.  Neither group wanted Rommy to leave.  Rommy was even followed to the parking lot when we were on our way out.  It's a great feeling to be able to share Rommy.  Rommy loves to be shared too!

Good boy, Rommy

Rommy had so much fun yesterday at Florida Hospital For Children​!  He slept whenever children petted him and he woke up to play when the staff wanted to play!

It was instantaneous.  I never noticed before yesterday how differently Rommy acts in different situations.  When it was quiet and there were no children around Rommy would reach out to the staff and nuzzle their hands.  As soon as a child arrived Rommy would drop his head and stand quietly.  It was amazing to see how this little, therapy horse knows his job so well.

Our friend Christine knits Izzy dolls.  They are named after Mark Isfeld, a Canadian soldier who served with NATO peacekeeping troops during the Balkan wars of the early 1990s.  He asked his mother to knit dolls he could carry in his uniform to give to children orphaned by the war in Croatia.  Sadly, Mark was killed by a land mine, but his mother continued to send Izzy dolls to war torn countries in soldier's pockets.

Christine, inspired by the story, began knitting the dolls herself.  The dolls were renamed by children in India to Chota Chums (chota means little in Hindi).  Christine's friend does volunteer work in India so the dolls went with her.

Yesterday, the Chota Chums came with Rommy and me to Florida Hospital For Children.  They were a hit!  All the children loved the dolls.  I wish we could have photographed every child, but I can tell you each one had a huge smile on their face!

Thank you, Christine!

Good boy Rommy

April 15, 2017

Rommy was sad earlier last week because he wasn't able to visit his friends at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children​.  All his handlers had fallen ill.  So instead of sharing sinus infections with the kids we all stayed home.

But!  At the end of the week Rommy had the chance to play with children at Hickory Hammock at Johns Lake​ for their special needs Spring Easter celebration.  Rommy even met and fell in love with the Easter Bunny!  The kids had so much fun dressing up Rommy and even gave him hugs!

There was one child who had met a big horse, but was scared of how big it was.  She wasn't the least bit afraid of Rommy.  Rommy stood quietly while she petted his face many times.

When the Easter Bunny entered the room I was a bit nervous because Rommy had never met the huge bunny before.  I held his lead rope securely in case he became scared.  Little did I know that the soft, snuggly fur of the bunny is exactly what Rommy loves.  All I could think of was how Rommy snuggles blankets in the nursing home whenever he can.  

So, the children and Rommy shared hugs with the Easter Bunny and their families took home unique photos!

Good boy, Rommy

April 13, 2017

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Rommy, Savannah, and I would like to send a huge thank you to Lynda Parsons and Stockman's Harness & Saddle Shop​ for their donations of brushes to Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc.  Savannah has wonderful gifts to celebrate her first birthday and her fur will remain beautiful because of you!

p.s.  In this picture Rommy waits for the brushes to be put in a bag at Stockman's.  Actually, he's searching for treats, who am I kidding!?

p.s. Not only did Rommy meet the Easter Bunny this week he became the Easter Bunny yesterday.  Check out his "borrowed" ears in some of the photos!