​​​​​Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc.

We provide activities that stimulate responses, encourage interaction, and bring joy.

Our miniature horses attend:

  • Schools
  • Nursing Homes
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Personal Residences
  • Events for the Disabled
  • Other Venues and Events

Rommy was born to be a miniature therapy horse. A gift horse, Rommy soon realized he was now in a loving home where he could be himself. Rommy taught me that sharing his love with others brings so much happiness to everyone. We began visiting those in need of Rommy’s fuzzy therapy in nursing homes, homeless preschools, events for those with disabilities and more.Thus, Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses, Inc. was incorporated and inspired by Rommy’s love of people. The board of directors and volunteers have made this adventure become more than just Rommy and me. With their help and yours, we can provide therapy and much needed love to more people.

Where We Go

How We Do It

Our Story

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Our mission is to bring smiles to everyone by sharing the love from our little horses with big hearts.

Our little horses have been effective in helping people who are withdrawn to open up and become interactive. We provide education during our visits to share the knowledge we have about miniature horses. We have found this helps people become more comfortable opening up to the animals and us.

Our Mission

We train our horses and volunteers to provide safe and successful visits by working with other organizations in the community. We strive to keep these visits through donations that fund the training and care of our horses. Please help us continue to create smiles. Donate today by clicking the donate button or reaching out to us on the Contact Us tab.

What We Do